About Upperline

At Upperline Code we build and run fun, rigorous, and collaborative programming classes for high school students. We teach students how to code through our immersive summer courses, workshops, and after-school programs throughout the New York City area.

Our students learn to build web applications using the same tools that professionals use throughout the tech industry (Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, iOS development). We push our students to build real apps, learn coding best-practices, and get exposure to the technology sector through guest speakers and company visits.


Our Purpose, Mission, and Plan 

At Upperline, our purpose is to create educational experiences that excite and inspire. We do this through our commitment to excellence, equity, and community.


Our Story

Daniel Fenjves founded Upperline Code in 2015, but Upperline's story starts almost a decade earlier. As a former teacher who started learning to code at Google, Danny sought an opportunity to combine these two passions. In his role as a lead instructor at The Flatiron School, Danny saw adults and students alike become inspired at their own potential when they used code to solve difficult problems, and he was in turn inspired to build a program that would let high school students experience that style of truly joyful learning while also learning an ever increasingly in-demand skill. 

In the intervening summers since the program's inception, Upperline has led programs that allowed over 500 students to experience learning to code in this new way. As one of our alumni put it, "This is either the most challenging fun I've ever had, or the most fun challenge I've ever had - I'm still not sure."

That spirit of fearless enthusiasm permeates every facet of what we do. The teachers we hire and train truly love teaching, and they relish in the challenge of learning something new. 

Whether you've been fiddling with code for years, or if you've been interested but never quite knew where to start, an Upperline summer immersive course can meet you where you are, and challenge you to grow more quickly than you ever have before. As we grow our programming in 2018, we look forward to bringing more students than ever before into the Upperline family.