Thanks for Coming to AYC 2017!

Taylor and Jeff here! 

Thanks for coming to the Agile Youth Challenge this weekend! It was so cool to see the way you were all inspired and invigorated by what they can do with code. All the students we met challenged themselves, stepped out of their comfort zones, and grew a lot. Keep it up!


What's next?

We only got to do a quick sample of one of our longer courses, so if you had fun too, you should definitely sign up for our newsletter. There's a form down below! You can also take a look at our December newsletter to see the sort of stuff we usually share out. 

If you have any questions about Upperline, A-Frame, p5.js, JavaScript, or if you've got some projects you'd like us to consider featuring on our blog, drop us an email at You can also check out our summer classes if you're in the process of planning out your 2018 summer - courses go live THIS WEEK on December 15!

Thanks again for coming this weekend, and a HUGE shoutout to the Riverdale Country School team for making this possible!