Web Development with Ruby

Ruby is a powerful and easy-to-learn language that has powered some of the biggest sites on the internet, including Twitter and AirBnB. It’s used by millions of developers, and is one of the most in-demand languages in the field. In addition to core Ruby functionality, students will build upon basic front-end development using HTML and CSS, and web integration with the Sinatra Framework. By the end of the class, students will have built their own functional web applications and have mastered the skills necessary to enter a college-level computer science course. Download our course catalog for a more in-depth synopsis. 

Take a look at Waddle, the web application that Clarissa and Linda built using Ruby.

iOS Development with Swift

iOS Development with Swift is our introductory course for mobile software development. In week one, students will learn the core functionality of Apple's Swift language, used by professional developers and companies around the world to build iPhone apps. Students will leave each day with a new project they built in XCode, Apple's development environment. Although it takes months to get an app into the App Store, in just two short weeks, students in our Swift course will have built a minimum of five apps they can test out on their own iPhone or iPad. Download our course catalog for a more in-depth synopsis. 

See a demonstration of Diya M.'s pixel art iPhone app on our Instagram.

JavaScript and Virtual Reality

Front-end development (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) is the art of creating the interactivity, animations, design, and style that draw users in. With a strong foundation in HTML & CSS basics, and then code out interactivity through JavaScript DOM manipulation. With those core principles in hand, students will be introduced to the p5.js and A-Frame libraries, with which they can build two- and three-dimensional art, animations, and even browser-based games. Students will have time to explore and build projects that will establish or build upon their portfolio as a designer and web developer. Download our course catalog for a more in-depth synopsis. 

Try out Jady C.'s JavaScript-powered recipe finder, and play the Virtual Reality Maze that Holly A. made using the tools we cover in this course.


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