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Immersive Coding Courses
in New York City


Introduction to Software Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of software development in Ruby, and create your first web app from the ground up. Students build web applications using a combination of Ruby, Sinatra MVC, HTML and CSS.

Start Dates: 6/20, 7/11, 8/8

iOS Development with Swift

Build your first iOS application using Apple's Swift language, which is quickly being adopted by professional developers and companies around the world. We'll learn to use Xcode - Apple's development environment - and then jump in to the fundamentals of programming for iOS in Swift to build simple but powerful applications.

Start Dates: 7/25

Advanced Software Engineering

In this advanced course, students build full-scale web applications using professional development principles. We’ll use databases to learn about persisting data, connect to APIs (like Google places, Twitter, or Facebook), and build complex models to back our apps.

Coming Fall 2016

Advanced AppBuilders

This experimental class guides advanced students to explore their own course of study in programming. From day one, students work together in small groups to build applications to suit their own interests.  Technical guest lecturers and instructors will provide a survey of tools that they can choose to implement int heir final projects.

Coming Fall 2016