Pre-College Coding Programs for Middle and High School Students


Build Real Apps This Summer!

Design a web application using the same language that was used to build Twitter. Create a real iPhone App and share it with your friends. Compete in Hackathons and build working prototypes to demo your ideas.

At Upperline, we teach high school students how to turn their ideas into reality using the power of code. Our students build real apps, learn coding best-practices, and get exposure to the technology sector through guest speakers and company visits.

Our immersive summer programs teach students how to build Web Applications using languages such as HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Javascript. We believe the only way to become a great developer is to tackle hard problems, become part of a community of learners, and develop a deep appreciation for the art of code.


The Upperline Approach


Real Tools

Our students work with the same tools used by professional developers - Swift, Ruby, Sinatra, Github, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Top Teachers

We work with industry professionals and impressive teaching talent from around the country.

Project Based Learning

Code is a means of creative expression. Our goal is to empower students to build what is important to them.

Rigorous Curriculum

Students learn Test Driven Development to complete labs in our practical and intensive curriculum.


Workshops & Private Tutoring

In addition to our immersive, summer coding courses, we offer coding workshops and private tutoring to middle school and high school students in the Greater New York City area.


Coding workshops

Upperline hosts weekend programming workshops at schools, co-working spaces, and private events in the New York City area throughout the year. Our workshops give students a taste of our summer curriculum. 


private coding & computer science tutoring

Upperline offers personalized, 1-on-1 and small group private tutoring to middle and high school students in New York City as well as online. Our coding tutors are experienced educators and technology professionals, and receive rigorous vetting and training with Upperline.  


Summer Schedule

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Technology is a part of every day and every industry; and learning to code allows me to build things I love.
— Emma L., Student
I code because every problem and challenge forces me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to expand my limits.
— Allyson L. Student

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