Summer Coding Courses at LMHQ

July and August, 2017


Real Tools. Real Code. Real Fun.


Upperline Code is proud to host classes this summer in our flagship downtown NYC location, LMHQ. This amazing co-working space is filled with developers and entrepreneurs, giving students a real feeling of what it's like to work in the tech and startup world. In our Web Development 101 course we'll teach students the fundamentals of Web Development using professional tools and tested curriculum. Our Introduction to Front End Development class will introduce students to building beautiful and dynamic websites with top tools and libraries. Finally, our iOS Development with Swift gives students the tools to build mobile applications for the iPhone using xCode and the Swift programming language. In all of our classes, students learn a tangible and marketable skill - software development - but also have fun, make friends, and improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.


Classes at LMHQ


Web Development 101

Learn the fundamentals of software development in Ruby, and build your own app from the ground up. You'll use HTML, CSS, Ruby and Github to build complex web applications.


Intro to Front End Development

Make beautiful websites by learning the principles of web design and development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, and the p5.js visualization library. 


iOS Development with Swift

Build astounding mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad using the Swift programming language. You'll build your own iOS app to solve everyday problems and delight friends and family. 

Course Schedule