The Upperline Team

Upperline Code is made up of the most enthusiastic teachers in the world. We all love to code, we all love to learn, and we all love sharing that experience with our students. 

Here's a bit more about us. 



A public policy graduate of Duke University, Danny has spent almost 10 years living and teaching computer science. Danny is an alumnus of Teach for America, worked at Google, and was head of K-12 computer science instruction at Flatiron School.  In his career, he's trained over 40 teachers to lead immersive coding courses in schools across the country, built extensive coding curriculum, and taught software development to over 200 high school students.  As a former middle school science teacher, he's deeply committed to the art of instruction and discovering the best methods to recruit, train, and retain top teaching talent in the field of K-12 computer science education. 


Director of Operations

Taylor first discovered her loves of coding and education at Carleton College, where she received her undergraduate degree in physics.  She went on to join Teach for America in 2013 as a high school physics teacher in Fall River, MA. During this time,  she received her M.Ed. in curriculum and teaching from Boston University. In the summer of 2015, Taylor began teaching introductory courses in software engineering to high school students in Austin, TX, and went on to serve as the lead instructor at Kode with Klossy in the summers of 2016 and 2017, while working as a high school physics and computer science teacher during the school year.  She believes that all students should have access to the empowering challenge of a coding education.


Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Jeff has an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and American literature from Baylor University.  Upon graduating in 2011, Jeff was placed as an English teacher in Phoenix, Arizona with Teach For America, and earned his M.Ed. in secondary education from Arizona State University. In 2015, Jeff began teaching beginner courses in software engineering, iOS app development, and web design to high school students in Los Angeles, California and New York City, and has come to believe that learning to code is the most empowering experience a high school student can have. He believes that coding is joyful, and that all students deserve access to this life-changing form of fun.

Meet Our Teachers


Jeff teaches high school science and computer programming at Simon Technology Academy High School in Los Angeles, CA.  Jeff is fascinated by the intersection between technology and learning and his classes are structured around documenting and capturing high-quality student work.  Over the last two years he’s worked with BetterLesson on their Blended Learning Master Teacher Project, with Flatiron School as a 2015 summer teaching fellow, and is the winner of the prestigious 2015 Alliance Teacher of the Year award.  He's passionate about teaching kids to learn code and hopes to bring new opportunities to the next generation of problem solvers.



Nicki has been coding professionally for three years, first as a SQL Developer for STATS LLC, then as the Director of Data at Chicago's Cesar Chavez Elementary. Those jobs served as bookends for her four years teaching middle school math and science in New Orleans. Last year she started her school's first ever Code Club, which recently qualified for the VEX World Robotics Championship. She also was part of the teacher team that drafted's newest middle school curriculum, Computer Science Discoveries.  Nicki is thrilled to be teaching web-development with Upperline this summer in her favorite city, Chicago. 



Ben, a NYC native, attended SUNY University of Buffalo and received a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He began his teaching career in 2006 as a Peace Corps volunteer, leading courses in small-business ownership at a local vocational school in Vanuatu. After returning to the United States, he earned a Master's Degree from Fordham University in International Political and Economic Development, and continued his graduate studies at Columbia University, receiving his Master’s degree in Math Education. Ben teaches geometry at University Prep and believes integrating technology into his classroom allows students to engage in learning mathematics in new and exciting ways. Ben loves four things in this world; his wife, his cat, his bike, and teaching.



Melanie comes from a background in biomedical science and stem cell research where she developed a passion for problem solving and innovation. After working for some time at the National Institutes of Health and then at Mount Sinai Hospital, Melanie made her first introduction to coding at a Girl Develop It meet up. She graduated from Coalition for Queens' web development intensive fellowship in 2017 where she built projects in Javascript, SQL, Python, HTML, and CSS. Melanie loves empowering the rising generation of coders to build, explore, and create. When not coding Melanie loves being in nature, hunting for vintage, and perfecting her chocolate chip recipe.



Saber is a veteran educator with over ten years of math and science teaching experience. Over the past five years he has been teaching technology, with a focus on robotics and computer science. He is passionate about learning how the Internet works and how people experience it. Saber is a graduate of Kenyon College with a Masters in Special Education from San Francisco State University. Currently, he is a computer science teacher at the Browning School and the Director of Educational Technology



A graduate of Middlebury College, Alex was first exposed to software development in 2014 in her role as a cloud analytic product lead for the U.S. Government, where she regularly interfaced with Java and SQL developers and led seminars on analytic web tools. After completing computer science coursework at George Washington University and University of Maryland, Baltimore County, she enrolled in the Flatiron School's web development immersive program in 2016, where she developed numerous web applications using Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Alex enjoys blogging about technical topics, and is passionate about creating learning spaces that embrace the intersection between the humanities, arts, and technology.



Wendell holds a B.S. in Mathematics Education and an M.A. in International Development Education from New York University. As a New York State certified mathematics teacher, Wendell has taught mathematics for the last 9 years - and is currently the HS STEM Department Head at Brooklyn Prospect Charter School. In 2016, Wendell began teaching a beginner level computer programming course to his students. He has found that coding is accessible to all types of learners and is amazed with the creativity and innovation that students regularly incorporate into their work. Beyond teaching and learning, Wendell enjoys exploring new cultures through travel, drinking a good strong coffee, eating delicious foods, and sleeping!



Ay-Nur is in her eighth year of teaching math. She is a founding teacher at an Uncommon Charter Middle School in Brooklyn, where she looped up with her students for the past four years and is currently teaching Algebra I.  She earned a Master’s Degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Government & International Relations from Clark University.  Ay-Nur started her teaching career as a 2007 Teach for America Corps Member in the Lower East Side, teaching algebra to 9th and 10th graders and has since worked in middle schools in the South Bronx, Harlem, Williamsburg, and Brownsville.



Max teaches high school computer science at Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles, CA. He is excited about using technology as a tool to make learning more individualized and meaningful. While at Wesleyan University, Max wrote his undergraduate thesis about the potential for a technology-driven education reform movement, and since graduating he has been trying to make those student-centered classrooms a reality. Originally from NYC, Max first programmed in high school and loves the way that computer science shapes how you think about the world. In his free time, Max loves the outdoors, delicious food and doing activities that push him outside of his comfort zone.



Jamie is a designer turned developer who loves teaching.  Her love of coding began with an interest in front end development in high school, and expanded as she went on to study photography, art, and design.  In 2014, Jamie graduated from Dev Bootcamp and was later selected to became a Flatiron School Teaching Fellow, a highly selective program that trains teachers to teach coding courses in high schools across the U.S.  During her tenure as a teaching fellow, Jamie discovered her love of teaching and now works as a computer science teacher at the prestigious Latin School of Chicago.  She loves how empowering and fun her students find learning to code!



Brian is a computer science teacher and FTC robotics coach at the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering, a four-year public school dedicated to bringing computer science, design thinking, and restorative justice practices to Bronx's youth. Brian has taught for three years with the NYC Department of Education but has held a lifelong passion and interest in computer science and education. Previously, Brian worked as a practicing attorney specializing in immigration law and a SAT, GRE, and LSAT tutor . He holds a BA from the University of Maryland, a JD from University of Baltimore, and a MAT from Relay Graduate School.