Summer Coding Courses at Trevor Day School

July and August, 2017


Real Tools. Real Code. Real Fun.


Upperline Code is proud to partner with Trevor Day School to bring our top coding programs to Trevor's Upper East Side campus this summer. In our Web Development 101 course we'll teach students the fundamentals of Web Development using professional tools and tested curriculum. Our JavaScript and Virtual Reality class will introduce students to building beautiful and dynamic websites with top tools and libraries. Finally, our iOS Development with Swift gives students the tools to build mobile applications for the iPhone using xCode and the Swift programming language. In all of our classes, students learn a tangible and marketable skill - software development - but also have fun, make friends, and improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

I loved having that finished final product that does something, and is actually on the web.
— Henry, Student

Classes at Trevor Day School


Web Development with Ruby

Learn the fundamentals of software development in Ruby, and build your own app from the ground up. You'll use HTML, CSS, Ruby and Github to build complex web applications. 


Javascript and virtual reality

Make beautiful websites by learning the principles of web design and development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, the p5.js visualization library, and the virtual reality platform A-Frame


iOS Development with Swift

Build astounding mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad using the Swift programming language. You'll build your own iOS app to solve everyday problems and delight friends and family.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the class open to students who do not go to Trevor?

All students are invited to attend our classes!

Who typically attends Upperline summer programs?
Your fellow engineers will be beginner and intermediate-level, high school aged students.  Rising freshman through graduating seniors are eligible to attend Upperline. While some may have had previous coding experience, the majority are new to software engineering.  Classes are co-ed, and our immersive course work is a mixture of individual and group work.

What do students walk away from Upperline with?
To survive and thrive in the 21st century, we believe that everyone needs basic fluency in coding. And we understand that coding, much like learning any language, can be scary. Learning to code requires stepping out from your comfort zone and taking risks. By the end of the program, all Upperline students deploy a project as part of their capstone. Students leaving Upperline will have the coding skills they need to compete in their next hackathon, strengthen their college resume or give them the edge to win that internship.

If you haven’t seen the amazing projects from our 2016 students, take a moment here.

I don't have any programming experience.  Can I still attend an Upperline class this summer?
Yes, absolutely!  All of our courses were designed with beginners in mind. If you've never written a line of code, we're ready to teach your from the very start.  With Upperline, you'll learn the core components of computational thinking and coding best-practices.

I've already taken AP computer science or other CS courses.  Is Upperline for me?
We've had many students take our classes with prior programming experience - from AP CS to other summer coding programs.  Our classes are designed to stretch students who already are coming in with some knowledge of programming.  If you're unsure of whether you want to take an introductory or advanced class, reach out to

Do you offer payment plans, financial aid or scholarships? 
While we do not currently offer financial aid, upon registration you will have the option to make three monthly payments to reserve your spot. Yes, we have need based and diversity based scholarships available.  Check out our scholarships page for more information.

Who teaches the classes?
Our classes are all taught by experienced educators and developers. Each teacher has gone through extensive training in front and back end development and an in-person bootcamp on computer science pedagogy. We have a co-teaching model in our classes, which means that every course has two teachers - we do our best to pair an experienced teacher with an experienced developer.

What is the student to teacher ratio?
Our classes never exceed a 10:1 student to instructor ratio.  It's important to us that all of our students are able to receive the individualized attention they need throughout our programs.

I attended idTech camp or Digital Media Academy. What makes your classes different at Upperline?
We love teaching students who have spent time at other summer coding programs. Because the field of software development is so wide, having a broad range of experiences can only make you better as a programmer.  What makes us different at Upperline is that our focus is on building real world web and mobile applications using professional programming tools, in a project-driven environment.

What does a typical day in the Upperline summer program look like?
Students generally arrive to class at 9AM and spend the morning working through labs, guided lectures, interactive practices, and coding challenges.  After lunch, students work in groups to complete larger code challenges and work on ongoing projects.  It's also important that we find time to get out of our seats so we sometimes play improv games and get outside for a walk and a stretch! Our days conclude at 3pm after the group coding projects.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made one month before a class' start date are eligible for a full refund less a $100 administrative fee per course. Cancellations less than one month before a class start date are not eligible for a refund. Camp fees are not refunded or prorated for days of camp missed due to illness or injury. To reserve a space at Upperline, 25% of tuition is required per course, per participant. The deposit will be applied toward the your total balance.

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, then our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help cancelling or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site in New York and contact their customer service team.

Do students need their own laptop?
We highly encourage students to bring their own laptops, so that they can bring their projects home with them and work on their code away from school.  If you don't have a laptop, we'll help you get set up with a rental.