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Every year, summer is here and gone before you know it. It’s a crucial time for students’ personal and academic development, so deciding how to spend this time is an important decision. We know that high schoolers are overwhelmed with choices for their summer break. From getting ahead in academics, to pursuing their passions in the arts or sports, to preparing for those standardized tests - there is no shortage of “big decisions.”

At Upperline we believe that learning to code over the summer is one of the best decisions that you can make, because if you can learn to code, you can learn to do anything. Our immersive summer coding courses teach high school students from all backgrounds and experience levels to code in two weeks. Learn why parents and high schoolers select to spend their summer with Upperline:



You learn faster when you work together

Learning to code is like training for a marathon. It takes time, dedication, and focus. It is often difficult to stay motivated if you do it alone. Instead of coding for 6 hours a day by yourself, find a partner or a group of people to work with and hold you accountable as you learn programming. Upperline is like joining a running club. These people will push you, catch your mistakes, and serve as resources as you dive into the world of software engineering. In our summer courses, we strike a balance between individual work and group projects and assignments so that students feel like everyone around them is both a teacher and learner.


Build something that is important to YOU.

We believe that students care about learning a lot more, and therefore learn a lot faster, if they are working on a project that is important to them. Rather than being told to build another To-Do list or Tic-Tac-Toe game, we encourage our students to pick a project that connects to one of their passions. If you love cooking, build an app that helps you find recipes with what you have in your fridge. Interested in astronomy? Create an app that connects to NASA to tell you about asteroids around earth. Have an interest in business? Build a business card generator. As long as you are working towards something that matters to you, you’ll be motivated to work harder and learn faster.

In every one of our Upperline courses, students get to build their own ‘capstone projects’ at the end of the class. That way, they get to infuse their learning with their interests in new and creative ways.

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Learning to code should be fun and hard at the same time

When you feel challenged by what you are doing — stepping outside of your comfort zone — you’ll learn faster and see amazing progress. At Upperline we teach real-world software engineering using the tools and approaches that leading developers at companies like Twitter and Airbnb use. We don’t water down our curriculum because we know that these skills are what students really want to learn, and that learning rigorous material makes us better learners overall. But staying outside of your comfort zone is difficult if you’re not having fun — that’s why we focus on building lasting friendships, playing fun icebreaker games, and creating an atmosphere free of competition and the pressure of the traditional school environment.

A Supportive Environment Matters

If you went to a beginner dance class and felt like everyone was judging and criticizing you, would you want to continue learning? Of course not. We learn best when we feel like the people around us want us to succeed, and actively help and support us. As you learn to code, find your supporters and cheerleaders — the people you turn to when things get tough and you feel like quitting. This is a very big part of Upperline courses — we make sure that every student has the support from their peers and instructors so that they can succeed in learning to code.

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Courses taught by our amazing instructors at leading schools & co-working spaces

By finding amazing teachers who are passionate about empowering students with technology, we are able to provide world-class learning opportunities for our students. All of our teachers receive rigorous in-person training before working with us and are carefully vetted by Upperline's staff. 

Hear what our alumni have to say


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